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Science & Technology

As you explore the possibilities below, please don't hesitate to call or send us an email with any questions. We look forward to helping your business succeed in Asheville and the surrounding region.

Advanced technology companies such as AvL Technologies pave the way for Asheville's economic growth

Innovation and collaboration are part and parcel to science & technology in Asheville.
Asheville's diverse economy strengthens stability, providing new opportunities for development. High-tech companies span virtually all industries and include international names such as Plasticard-Locktech International (PLI), the world's largest keycard maker, as well as AvL Technologies, a high-tech manufacturer of mobile satellite telecommunications antennas. AvL Technologies holds the largest range of satellite antennas in the world for vehicle mount and flyaway applications. With state-of-the-art abilities and design, these antennas are very secure, efficient, and reliable. In addition, the company is well-known for providing customization to meet needs. These, and many other success stories, showcase the region's proficiency for advanced and high-tech activity in the region.
"There seems to be a lot more focus on collaboration and building the community rather than just the bottom line. People are more willing to come together for work and to share their expertise."
  • - Dr. Todd Pierce, Director,
  • Geographical Information Systems, Locus Technologies

The capacity for climate science

Headquartered in the heart of downtown Asheville, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) house the world's largest store of weather data. NOAA and NCEI work together to unlock the value within a mass amount of data that has the potential to support every sector of the economy. The ability to better understand impacts of weather on communities and businesses often improves outcomes.  Climate science offers opportunities to better enable preparedness, address natural resource concerns such as water, air, and agriculture, improve safety and the bottom line.

NCEI holds the key to your climate science questions

Records in the NCEI archive range from paleoclimatology data to centuries-old journals to data less than an hour old.  This data is an invaluable source of information and opportunity.  As the trusted authority on weather and climate science, NCEI is well positioned to respond to the growing need for climate information by building upon the complexities of weather science whose effects are felt virtually everywhere. 
The region integrates technology learning early on and offers a broad range of certificate and degree programs to prepare students for a variety of career paths, including environmental and atmospheric sciences, as well as computer and engineering programs – effectively preparing the workforce for a globally competitive economy.

FLS Energy gives back to Asheville, pledging to complete 500 volunteer hours a year

FLS Energy is a sustainable energy company offering solar systems for residential and commercial uses. The company offers a full range of services to develop the best projects for their customers and investors.


Gauging the impact of the EDC Science & Technology Target Cluster in Asheville


Why businesses are choosing to relocate to Asheville...

  • THE OPPORTUNITY Asheville is a beautiful place to live and work. In 2011, Good Morning America included Asheville as one of the "Most Beautiful Places in America."
  • EASY ACCESS Within a day's drive and easy transportation access to most major cities on the eastern half of the United States, the location is a business hub in western North Carolina.
  • INCENTIVES Incentives are being made available on a regular basis for companies relocating to Asheville that meet certain criteria
We invite you to learn more about Asheville's Science & Technology industries such as FLS Energy, and how your company will benefit from choosing the Asheville region.
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"We continue to grow our Asheville operations thanks to a skilled and growing workforce that understands cutting edge technology and world-class customer service."
  • -Kim
  • HR Manager at Emdeon
"There are two things that I know really well, the medical product industry and Western North Carolina. When I had the opportunity to bring those two things together I knew I had a winning combination."
  • -Steve Woody
  • Founder & CEO, G3 Medical
"Landing in Asheville gave me and my family the quality of life we were looking for without sacrificing my work."
  • -Jason Ramsay
  • CEO, Genesys Global LLC
"There is no better place in the country to put our products to the test than in the mountains that surround us here in Asheville. In a matter of minutes we can be riding our road bikes on the Blue Ridge Parkway or testing our mountain bike products in the Pisgah National Forest."
  • -Clint Spiegel
  • Co-Founder, Industry Nine
"Having the world’s public leader in weather data has positioned Asheville as a climate science and technology hot bed for innovation and research."
  • -Hunter Goosmann
  • General Manager ERC Broadband, NCDC