Business Walk Overview

Business Walk Survey

The Business Walk is a survey of local businesses aimed at gauging the community's business climate.

Just 3 Questions:
1. How is business/revenue?
2. What change would help make your business more successful?
3. What change would you make to improve the local business environment?

About the Business Walk

On January 27, 2016 volunteers will survey businesses throughout the Asheville area. Local businesses throughout the Asheville area will be visited by volunteers from the Asheville Chamber, Asheville Downtown Association, Biltmore Park Partners, Historic Biltmore Village, River Arts District, and West Asheville Business Association in an effort to understand how to improve Asheville’s business climate.

Businesses are one of the most important parts of the community. The Chamber wants to make sure we periodically talk face-to-face to the business owners and managers and find out their needs and concerns and see how we might assist. The Chamber and our strategic partners will use the answers to inform our economic development and public policy efforts aimed at building community through business.